GSS is the educational ministry of Good Shepherd Reformed Episcopal Church. Find out about the Reformed Episcopal Church and its legacy of Christian orthodoxy and faithfulness.

chapel at good shepherd school

All students attend daily chapel, a sung service of Morning Prayer, in which they very quickly and easily learn the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments, the Creeds, and the singing of Psalms and Canticles, thus learning the grammar of worship. Lessons from Holy Scripture are drawn from the Psalms, Proverbs, gospels, or from the systematic reading of Bible stories. They also learn about 200 significant hymns from the common Christian heritage of our denominationally diverse student body as they are used in the cycle of worship throughout the Christian year. In addition to the Daily Office, our Chapel Service book includes an office of Instruction and several daily Litanies, thus encouraging active student participation in the service. In filling the memories of our pupils with the rich heritage of Christian worship, we trust that, like bread cast upon water, it will return after many days (cf. Eccl. 11:1). It is our prayer that, when our pupils become adults, the principles and practice of worship of daily chapel will guide them to a faithful church home when they start their own families.

Good Shepherd Reformed Episcopal Church

Situated in the heart of East Texas you will find Good Shepherd Reformed Episcopal Church, where it has ministered in the community since 1977. Constituted as a Reformed Episcopal parish in 1989, Good Shepherd has over 100 communicant members. The Rector, the Very Rev’d Walter R. Banek, has labored in the parish since 1981, first serving in the capacity of Headmaster of the parish dayschool until 1993, when he was installed as Rector. He continues to serve in that capacity, with his assistant, The Rev’d Dr. Charles Erlandson.

Church dinners and seasonal banquets, English contra-dances, Sunday School Bible studies and programs, hymn sings, Women of the Church and women’s hospitality, altar guild, and service projects each help round out a rich covenant life. Parish activities join with the busy and many events of the parish dayschool to occupy fully the 16,000 square feet in our two buildings, seven days a week. In the Reformed Anglican tradition, Good Shepherd Church makes education a central part of its ministry. Anglicans have historically worked to shape and discipline minds by the authoritative Word of God, the best of the humanities, and the wisdom of history. In that tradition, Good Shepherd School, founded in 1979, provides a classical education from Preschool through 12th grade.