Because they better engage a lively understanding and enthusiasm, the rhetorical arts best flower in their social use. Thus, the production of a Shakespearean play fitly climaxes the broader study of dramatic literature and public speaking. Each year secondary students may be part of such productions, which have included Much Ado About Nothing, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Everyman (a medieval morality play).

Studies Abroad Program

Alternating trips abroad with domestic travel, high school students are given the opportunity to visit places of historic and cultural importance. In preparation they must study selected readings and write major papers. Most recently, a group of students made a circuit through England and Scotland, studying the Christianization of those lands.


The physical development of the “whole man” is pursued on a daily basis at Good Shepherd with Motor Skills, Physical Education and Competitive Sports. Dexterity sports, useful for a lifetime rather than for a brief period of time, are encouraged. To protect mastery of the curriculum, athletics are generally pursued intramurally, with limited interscholastic competition. Tyler has abundant community resources available to those aspiring for more.