Junior Kindergarten (ages 4–5)

Junior Kindergarten provides a solid readiness foundation laid for future reading and math. Children will vary in their mastery of these subjects for many reasons: age, interest level, and maturity, for instance. However, we strive to help each child in Junior Kindergarten develop proficiency in the following areas:

  • Reciting and printing correctly the letters of the alphabet
  • Learning the sounds of the letters
  • Sounding out and blending short vowel words
  • Recognizing and printing correctly their own names
  • Recognizing the numbers 1–100
  • Counting up to 100 objects
  • Printing correctly the numbers 1–100
  • Counting 1’s, 10’s, and 5’s
  • Adding and subtracting through the 5 family
  • Understanding a variety of math concepts such as the use of clocks, calendars, thermometers, money, fractions, ordinal numbers, story problems, place value, and measurement
  • Learning various unit themes (seasons, friends, shapes, animals, helpers, body, machines, etc.).
  • Developing fine motor skills, coordination, forms of movement: eye-hand -foot -body coordination
  • Developing social skills: self-control, cooperation, trust, feelings, manners, empathy, etc.
  • Developing communication skills, imagination, following directions, problem solving skills, listening skills, etc.
  • Developing spiritually: prayer, thankfulness, forgiveness, kindness, respect for God and creation, patience, etc.